At TSB Adventures, we are passionate about people traveling, living, and working abroad – we genuinely believe it is one of the best things a person can do! Taking a short-term trip overseas to a college or camp can revolutionize a student’s life, exposing them to the culture of a country where one day they may pursue their studies. Some of our college programs even offer college credits!

For adults, deciding to take the plunge and teach overseas is also a life-changing event. Living abroad adds invaluable elements to our personal stories; it changes us and enlarges our world view, teaching us in ways that nothing else will.

It’s hard, however, to know where to start when looking for opportunities to study or work in other countries. And that’s where TSB Adventures comes in. You can think of us as your partner as you set your sights on your overseas adventure.

Founder and President Tony Bazen has over 15 years of experience in education and has brought his extensive experience to the country of China. Tony is uniquely qualified to help both students and prospective teachers get started on their adventures.

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