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“Innovation, Business and Technology”

 Hong Kong Growing Summer Camp

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Dear friends, summer vacation has been waving to you, this summer, come to Hong Kong to grow summer camp, learn innovative knowledge, feel the charm of science and technology, grow together!

“Innovation, Business and Technology” – Hong Kong Growing Summer Camp

Time: July 24 – July 28th

Target students: 9-16 years old

Why Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant, most modern and beautiful cities in the world. As an island city, Hong Kong has one of the world’s most amazing skyline, making Hong Kong a unique outdoor environment with more than 40 public beaches and hundreds of kilometers of scenic hiking trails. Hong Kong people at the same time embrace the Western culture, known for practical and efficient. Hong Kong’s universities, businesses and financial institutions are all in the world’s leading position.

Project highlights

The children will learn more about the city of charm from these aspects

The Origin of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city built on the basis of immigrants. More than 150 years ago, as a Hakka people, one of the aborigines of Hong Kong, the hardships of Hong Kong’s prosperity have always solidified on this land. Many of the culture, architecture, etc. of the aborigines of Hong Kong are protected by the Hong Kong Government as a cultural heritage. Children will visit the famous Aboriginal Cultural Center, can better understand the origin of Hong Kong, understand the history of China.

Outdoor training camp

Help to cultivate children’s awareness of cooperation, problem-solving skills and survival skills, but also to understand the knowledge of biological habitats and species. Camp mentors are experienced Western instructors who have taught students from leading universities and international schools in Hong Kong and have bilingual instructors to help and support their children.

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Innovation, business and technology

Will teach the entrepreneurial spirit for the children by Professor of Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, including Professor Chen Zhibang. Professor Chen Zhibang is a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Cambridge University and is a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the Project Director of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School and Entrepreneurship Center. Hong Kong, as one of the global financial centers, will visit the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and will visit the Hong Kong Science Museum to enhance STEM knowledge through interactive activities.

Fun and exploration


Children will play the famous Ocean Park, Ocean Park has 7 different areas, where not only can see the fun of the playground, zoo, dolphin performances, as well as sea lions, birds and other stunts; the children will Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade Enjoy Hong Kong’s bustling sight.

The origin of Hong Kong
  • Shangkai Folk Culture Museum is located in the beautiful scenery of the Sai Kung Country Park, covers an area of 500 square meters, is a built in the late 19th century Hakka cottage, in 1981 was classified as statutory monuments.

  • The museum has a variety of farming tools and aboriginal culture, the children can experience the lives of indigenous people, in-depth understanding of Hong Kong aboriginal culture, to understand the spirit of Hong Kong.

Outdoor training camp 

Sai Kung outdoor training camp

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  • Sai Kung is located in the eastern part of Hong Kong, the Saigon Peninsula, there are beautiful beaches, country parks, known as Hong Kong’s back garden. The children will be under the leadership of a professional Western camp instructor to participate in outdoor training camps and have bilingual teachers to provide support services.

  • Our training camps are working with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and other top international schools, such as Hong Kong British International School, Hong Kong Canadian International School and Hong Kong Delhi International School.

  • Children will be through the team game to develop communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc .; by living with nature to cultivate environmental awareness.
  • Training camps for children to “play” and “depth to explore their own”, to cultivate children self-confidence, sunshine, extroverted personality, let the children learn to create, learn to live.

 Training camp specific content

  • Ice breaking and group games – let the children know each other.

  • Mangroves and grassland research – to study the characteristics of habitats and species, to understand the symbiotic relationship between species and habitat, so that children better understand the natural and cultivate environmental awareness.
  • Build shelters – children will learn how to use natural resources to build shelters and learn basic survival skills.
  • Directional sports and treasure hunt activities – children will learn how to use the compass and sun shadows to locate their own direction; to find hidden treasures in the form of groups.

Innovation, business and technology

Innovative courses

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During the summer camp, the Chinese University of Hong Kong business school professor will be easy to understand the way to teach children innovative courses, understand the meaning of innovation, cultivate children’s innovative thinking. Professors of the Chinese University of Hong Kong are Professor Chen Zhibang and their team members.

Professor Chen Zhibang Introduction:

  • Cambridge University Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. He is currently the Director of the Center for Philosophy and Economic Management at the Hong Kong Chinese University Entrepreneurship Research Center. He has served as a consultant to McKinsey & Company, a well-known global consulting firm and EF Manager of China.

  • As an entrepreneur, he is often active in the field of innovation, including digital signal processing, e-commerce solutions and so on.
  • As a lecturer, often in business seminars and university speech, is also the “eight loaded Cambridge” author, recorded eight years Cambridge life bit by bit.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

  • The children will visit the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the latest exhibition. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is located in the Hong Kong International Financial Center and is the Hong Kong institution responsible for maintaining the stability of the monetary and banking system.

  • The international financial center is built for Victoria Harbor and is an important landmark in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Science Museum

  • The children will visit the Science Museum. A total of 18 exhibitions, about 500exhibits, of which 80% of the exhibits for touch and operation, the most spectacular than up to 22 meters of energy shuttle, is the world’s largest similar exhibits.

  • Children can experience the role of science and technology in social development.

Fun and exploration

Ocean ParkScreen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.28.00

  • Hong Kong Ocean Park is a world-class theme park with sea and land animals, motor games and large-scale performances. It is also one of the most popular theme parks in the world.

  •  The park includes topics such as “Australian Adventures”, “Birds Theater”, “Snow Fox”, “Chinese Sturgeon Museum”, “Nature Secret” and “Rainforest Adventure”.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

  • From the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade overlooking Hong Kong Island, you can see one of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong.

  • The clock tower on the promenade and the Hong Kong Cultural Center are important landmarks in Hong Kong.


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  • Students will be admitted to the Saigon Training Camp

  • Students will take an air-conditioned tourist bus to visit the tour
  • Bilingual helpers support student
  • Fees include accommodation, meals, travel insurance, tour fees and ground transportation

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