Registration Checklist (In English)

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2018 UC Davis ‘U.S. College Study Skills’ Program

Steps to Enrollment

  1. Completely fill out the registration form online and submit to us at .
  1. Submit an initial payment of 3,000 RMB to reserve your spot in the program and start the Visa process. You can pay via Alipay by scanning the TSB Adventures QR Code at the bottom of the page..
  1. Should you need a visa invitation letter, you will receive a digital UC Davis B1/B2 visa invitation letter within 2 business days after the initial payment is received. A printed letter will also be provided to you by courier.
  1. Please apply for your U.S. visa as soon as possible. You may do so directly or engage an agent to assist with this. We can recommend visa application agents to you.
  1. Once your visa is received, please book your airplane tickets in accordance to our suggested flights. You may book online or we can recommend local travel agents to you.
  1. Within 5 weeks of submitting your registration form, please pay the remaining program fee to guarantee your enrolment.
  1. One day after the program fee is received, you will receive a digital ‘Confirmation of Enrollment’ letter, Orientation Pack and 1-year user account into the GoEnglishonline platform. This website delivers selected course materials and vocabulary from the program –as well as any content that you submit into the platform –with English voice and Chinese definitions automatically generated.

        At the same time, you will also receive the program and policy acknowledgement              forms which you must sign back to us. We also need a passport-sized digital photo              from you, for the preparation of your UC Davis student ID card.

  1. At any time up to 2 weeks before the program start, we would also need a 2-3 paragraph writing sample from you, based on questions that we provide you once the program fee is received.
  1. 2 weeks before the program start, you will receive a contact list of the program teachers and staff, including the bilingual tutors who will be personally supporting you.



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