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Top 10 University of California at Davis 2018 Winter Credit Course



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For those who want to learn about foreign universities or are studying abroad

While designing a credit course!

During the winter vacation

The top ten public universities in the United States

– Increase Davis

Take a two-week credit course

Get a personal letter of recommendation

Experience American college life

Come and join

Let this winter be colorful!

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University of California, Davis 2018 Winter Credit Course

Date: January 28th-February 10th

Target students: high school students / college students

Course Name: American University Learning Skills (2 credits)

This course offers the benefits of applying for foreign universities

•   Excellent student ability :To prove that students have outstanding performance in the top universities in the United States, to adapt to the Western educational environment

•   American transcripts and certificates: Students will receive official transcripts and certificates at Davis

•   University Credits: Course credits can be converted into two elective courses in other universities in the United States

•   Letter of recommendation : Students will receive a personal letter of recommendation from the Davis instructor

•   Visit the prestigious and US cutting-edge technology companies: visit Stanford University and increase the University of Berkeley; visit the US innovation companies to watch the world’s latest technology products

•   Enrich experience, expand ideas: colorful cross-cultural experience, open up horizons, gain a better understanding of the American university education system and application strategy, prepare for the university

Increase the introduction of Davis

       The University of California, Berkeley, and the third place after the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, at the University of California, at the University of California, Berkeley, University of Greater California. The school teachers won the Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer Prize and the US President’s Medal of Honor. The school’s agricultural science and environment courses are ranked first in the nation, and the courses in biology, engineering and economics are among the best.

2018 Winter Credits Highlights

• Two weeks of college courses during the winter vacation

• Official credit courses taught by teachers at the University of Davis. The American University Learning Skills program helps students master American university learning skills, learns the university’s application process, fosters critical thinking skills, and strengthens English to suit the Western educational environment

• Enjoy the best American life in Davis, visit Stanford University and increase the Berkeley campus, visit San Francisco, California state Sacramento, visit the American Innovation Enterprise

• Local board and lodging, all students will be admitted to the student’s apartment

• Students can enjoy all the campus service facilities, accompanied by bilingual counselors, safe and secure

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Davis credits for students icing on the cake

• University of California, Davis, an official credit course taught by Davis Lecturer

• Credits can be converted into elective credits at other US universities

• When applying for a university, you can prove to the school that the student has the ability to successfully complete the American university course


Will Davis’s letter of recommendation help students?

• A letter of recommendation is important for applying to a US university, and students can submit multiple letters of recommendation to prove their ability

• The quality and credibility of the letter of recommendation is also important. When applying for a university, it is more convincing to provide a letter of recommendation from a prestigious American lecturer

• A letter of recommendation from a Davis instructor is a letter of recommendation at the undergraduate level that students can continue to apply for a school or find a job after graduation

Target student

       Welcome high school students and college students to participate, especially those who want to enhance their ability to students; or prepare to apply for foreign students; or have not decided to go abroad to study abroad, but want to better understand the foreign education students.

       This course has different classes to accommodate different levels of students, and each class offers course credits, and students of different English are welcome to attend. Students need to submit an English essay (daily life topic) before starting the course to classify according to English proficiency.


schedule schedule
Day 1 Fly to the United States
Day 2 Entrance ceremony, new student introduction, campus browsing, American university application process, professional selection and introduction
Day 3 American university study skills classes, English intensive classes
Day 4 American university study skills classes, English intensive classes, discount stores
Day 5 American university study skills classes, English intensive classes, and local students
Day 6 English intensive course, visit the Montvi Institute
Day 7 Visit the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf to visit the University of California at Berkeley
Day 8 Visit Stanford University and Silicon Valley cutting-edge technology company
Day 9 American university study skills classes, visit the California parliament building and the old Sacramento town
Day 10 American university study skills classes, English intensive classes
Day 11 American University Learning Skills, ACT / SAT / GRE / TOEFL Training
Day 12 ACT / SAT / GRE / TOEFL Seminar, Presentation Skills / Presentation
Day 13 Student speech, certificate lead ceremony
Day 14 Leave the United States

Note: The above is the reference trip, may be adjusted

Course Details


course description Hours
American university study skills • Efficient learning skills and methods

• Collaborative learning

• Criticize and innovate thinking

• Research skills

twenty two
Learn about American universities • Study the United States

• Choose a school and a professional

• University of California and other US universities

English Intensified • Communication skills

• Daily expression and idioms

• American society and culture

University application preparation •   Write a personal application

•   ACT / SAT / GRE / TOEFL exam strategies and mock exams

Proof of course

After the course, students will:

• Attend a certificate presentation ceremony

• Get a personal letter of recommendation from the University of Davis

• Obtain the official transcripts and certificates of Davis

Teacher team
 Class coordination teacher
        Course instructor, event teacher and bilingual counselor to work together to ensure the smooth progress of this course. Bilingual counselors provide students with all-weather support and help, including student accommodation with students, accompanied by students and participating in the tour.

        Course instructor, event teacher and bilingual counselor to work together to ensure the smooth progress of this course. Bilingual counselors provide students with all-weather support and help, including student accommodation with students, accompanied by students and participating in the tour.

Speak teacher

Keturah Kitano

 (BCLAD) multidisciplinary teaching certificate, with the addition of a Bachelor of Arts degree and a master’s degree in English teaching at the University of Davis. Years of teaching experience, very familiar with the American education system.

Nancy Maffly

      English teacher, Associate Professor of Sacramento City College, concurrently “Global Grace ESL” academic director and chief lecturer, with a teacher qualification and a master’s degree in Davis, specializing in writing, reading, speaking, listening and grammar courses A variety of foreign English courses, teaching experience more than 25 years.

Dorothy Pendleton

English teacher. He holds a master’s degree in English from Humboldt State University in California and a German doctorate from the University of Virginia. He is an English and German lecturer at the Humboldt State University in California. He is an expert in English writing, grammar and speaking.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the full course, students will also take part in a series of excursions, including:

San Francisco Bay Area

Stanford University – world famous research university, ranked third in the world

University of California, Berkeley – One of the world’s most prestigious universities

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge – Enjoy the scenery on both sides of San Francisco on a symbol of San Francisco

San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 – enjoy the beautiful seaside customs, feel the American fisherman culture


       Visit the California Capitol, the parliamentary site and the old town of Sacramento, to experience the historic city of the United States.


Davis town

       Davis is a beautiful town with a population of nearly 100,000 and an hour’s drive to San Francisco. It is listed by CNN as one of the most educated cities in the United States. Davis has fresh air, mild climate throughout the year and the best bike city in the United States.


Davis Cross – Media Art Walking Road – Enjoying Public Art Tours

Davis Farmers Market – one of the most famous farmers in the United States market, the summer will be held concerts

Increase Davis

       It is one of the most beautiful campus botanical gardens in the United States, and admires thousands of plants along the creek and feels the tranquility of the United States.

       Increase Davis’s Mondivian Institute to learn about the deep food and wine culture and give students the opportunity to visit university research facilities.

       In addition to the extensive excursions, students can attend the bowling night and join the students at Davis to make new friends and expand their social circles.

Accommodation and life

       Students are living in comfortable student apartments with swimming pools, spa pools and terraces. School restaurants are popular with students’ national cuisine and have more than 20% organic food; all students will receive increased students at Davis License, use all campus service facilities, enjoy health insurance and other benefits.

Alumni sharing

Students who have participated in this course are praised for the course.

  Gary Su

       Gary is a graduate of Beijing University of Science and Technology, who participated in the “American University Study Skills” program in the winter vacation of 2017. The course brought great shock to him. Through the course, he was able to communicate with the teacher. He found the professional and the future. Life goals, plans to apply to increase the University of Davis graduate courses; at the same time English ability has been greatly improved, and American students can communicate with the barrier, but also feel the American way of life.

  Tony Du

       Tony took a deep impression on the teacher at the “University of America Learning Skills” program at the summer of 2014. Tony is very interested in liberal arts, high school applied for the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is now sophomore students. Tony and his classmates felt that Davis’s educational experience had benefited from them, both to improve their English proficiency, to open up their horizons, to learn how to apply for a school, and to receive a teacher Personal recommendation letter is excited, which is very helpful for applying for American universities.

Other information

       Plus Davis will issue a visa application letter, students can apply for a tourist visa to participate.

Local traffic

•   for students at a specified time provided to and from San Francisco International Airport Davis from the car, accompanied by a bilingual instructor

•   All off-campus tours have car transfers

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