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University of Pennsylvania “Future Entrepreneurs” Summer Course 2017


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  • Do you want to enjoy the world famous business school and top universities?
  • Do you want to be fully prepared for studying abroad?
  • Famous American Ivy League
  • University of Pennsylvania “Future Entrepreneur” Summer Course
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Let this summer be colorful!


University of Pennsylvania 2017 Summer Course

Date: July 16, 2017 – July 29th

Target students: high school and above students

Course Title: “Future Entrepreneurs” to develop courses

This event benefits students from applying for foreign universities
  • Obtain an officially recognized certificate and evaluation: to prove that students have been in the prestigious Bin University study, outstanding performance

  • Outstanding personal experience: students through this course to gain personal experience, can make the university application paper icing on the cake, from among the many students stand out
  • Strengthen English, cultivate leadership and critical thinking: taught by the University of the world famous teacher, from many aspects of inspiring students to enhance personal competitiveness
  • Understand the prestigious application Cheats: to participate in the United States elite application guide workshop, to understand the latest application consulting and the US university mode of operation
  • Visiting Successful Businesses and Schools: Experience in Business Operations in Business Visits, Experience the Unique Temperament of the World’s Top Schools in Famous Schools Tours

University of Pennsylvania

       Founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, it is one of the eight famous Ivy League schools. In the 2017 US News & World Report, 8th in the National Comprehensive University and 17th in the World University.There are 14 heads of state (including US President Trump), 25 billionaires and 30 Nobel Prize winners are graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Bing is located in the United States the fifth largest city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States, about 1 hour and 15 minutes from New York City by train.

Old Main 2012
Old Main 2012

2017 Summer Course Highlights

  • University of Pennsylvania official course, taught by the teacher
  • Understand the entrepreneurial approach and technological innovation
  • Raise awareness of leadership style and skills
  • Enhance critical thinking and communication skills in English
  • Bilingual counselor accompanied by the whole
  • Do not need TOEFL IELTS results can apply
  • Local board and lodging traffic all-inclusive, students will stay in the campus hotel
Target student

      All high school students are welcome to attend. The uniqueness of this course is that the students are trained as “future entrepreneurs” and will work with the partner schools to qualify the students. Unlike other courses in the University of Pennsylvania, this course does not require TOEFL or IELTS score .


schedule schedule
Day 1 Flew to the United States
Day2 Admission ceremony, new student introduction, campus browsing
Day 3 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 4 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 5 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 6 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 7 Visit Columbia University and New York University
Day 8 Visit Princeton University to visit New York City
Day 9 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 10 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 11 Leadership, innovation and technology, critical thinking and English skills
Day 12 Leadership, innovation and technology, group reporting and evaluation
Day 13 Students show the results of cooperation, certificate ceremony
Day 14 Leave the United States

Teacher Team

Class coordination teacher

       Course instructor, event teacher and bilingual counselor to work together to ensure the smooth progress of this course. Bilingual counselors provide students with 24/7 support and help, including the same hotel with the students, accompanied by students to attend school and participate in the tour.

Past course teacher

Anne Greenhalgh

  • Professor Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Deputy Director of the Wharton Leadership Program

  • Has served as a consultant in many academic institutions and companies, including the Philadelphia Department of Education, Bank of America, etc.

Derrick Newberry 

  • University of Pennsylvania Wharton lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Cultural Anthropology

Deborah Harrold 

  • University of Pennsylvania School of Political Science Lecturer, Doctor of Political Science, University of Chicago

Dana Kamenstein 

  • University of Pennsylvania Wharton Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Social Psychology

Katherine Kuckenbecker

  • Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Extracurricular activities

  In addition to the full course, students will also take part in a series of excursions, including:

New York

Wall Street – Feel the “American Financial Center” style

Columbia University – 2017 US News World No. 9, former President Barack Obama Alma Mater

New York University – located in the heart of New York, with 37 Nobel Prize winners


Princeton University – 2017 US News World Rank 8


Comcast – the world’s largest radio and television company

Accommodation and life

       All students will receive a student ID, and can use the campus service facilities, enjoy health insurance and other benefits; living in the campus of the hotel, 2-3 students live in a room, the hotel has a swimming pool, spa pool and gym Various facilities, bilingual instructors will be accompanied by the whole. Eat in the morning, lunch and dinner at the school restaurant.


Other Information


Bin will send a B1 / B2 visa application invitation letter, the students can apply for a visa to participate.

Local traffic
  • At the appointed time for students from Philadelphia International Airport shuttle bus from the hotel, accompanied by bilingual counselors
  • All off-campus tours have car transfersimages

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